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My Training in the retail industry from sales person to store manager to district manager of 7, 10,000sf discount stores in the Philadelphia metro area made the transition to the real estate industry relativity easy. I started with Real Estate Association in 1996 and became principal broker 4 years later. The owner of the company had some financial trouble and closed shop in 2001. within 30 days Equity Builders Realty was up and running with about 20 brokers. Recently a few of my brokers have retired and I now have some openings to offer. If you have considered going into Business by yourself under your name But don't want to bother with the  administration that goes with it I encourage you to call me

For me, there is no other brokerage, or other Principal Broker I would even think about working for. Paul has been a tremendous support and allowed me to grow my business and my client base without any constraints. I have definitely benefited from his years of expertise and knowledge in the real estate business. He holds all of us brokers to a high standard when it comes to customer service. Our clients are always number one and we treat them like family. We strive to make their home selling and purchasing experience truly memorable. Working for Equity Builders Realty has been the best career decision I have ever made!!

I started my career at Equity Builders Realty and I can’t say enough about Paul’s integrity, honesty and professionalism.  I had many opportunities to join other groups and teams, but I didn’t.  I feel that I have been treated like a professional and empowered to conduct my business the way I want, and serve my customers the way they would like to be served.  Paul has been always there to help me and support me to be successful. Paul have never hesitated to share his knowledge and resources when I needed it.

Steve Milford
Dawna Ferrell
Tracy Marx

I joined Equity Builders Realty because Paul 1) Lets me run my own business the way I want with the hours I want. 2) His mentor-ship and help is available 7 days a week any time of day. 3)  My fixed costs under this brokerage are covered 100% plus profit left over with my 1st transaction annually. I receive an average of 1-2 recruitment solicitations per month and turn everyone down. I listen because I am curious yet no other brokerage even comes close. I laugh all the way to the bank.

 I have been with Equity Builders Realty since its' inception in 2000, prior to that I knew Paul Samuelson at Real Estate Association where I grew to appreciate his knowledge and the service he provides to his clients.  Then when he started EBR I definitely needed to be under his leadership.  If you want to be your own boss or if you need help and want to be mentored Equity Builders Realty is the place to hang your hat and we have low fees.  

I have been an Equity Builders Realtor since it began. The reason I have stayed with Paul goes above and beyond the fact that Paul charges a very minimal yearly fee.  Paul allows his agents to work at their own pace and truly be in business for themselves.  Paul holds himself to high standards, he always does the right thing and expects the same from his agents.  Paul is there for me if I need advice but trusts and allows me to make my own decisions when it comes to advertising, commissions and how I orchestrate my sales.  I would encourage agents that yearn for independence and freedom to run their business their own way to seek this company out.  You will be happy you did.

Davida Logan
Val Magness

After working with several other companies, I returned to Equity Builders Realty because Paul treats us like the  professionals we are. He makes sure we have the tools we need when we need them. He's a realist and doesn't gouge us on the splits, or make us pay huge marketing and desk fees. It has been a pleasure to have my license with Paul for the better part of 10 years. 

I chose Equity Builders Realty because I was interested in real estate investing and Paul has a lot of experience dealing with investment properties.  He took the time to sit down with me to discuss ways he could help me achieve my goals.  He has been very generous and accommodating with no pressure, and I feel very fortunate that he is willing to hold my license and guide me through the real estate learning process.

Established in 2002 Equity Builders Realty grew to 37 brokers in the next 5 years and was in the top 100 in sales. We shrunk by 28 after 2008  but still maintained sales in the top quarter. Presently the company is 171st out of 1140 active firms. (see chart below) We are proud of the fact that all of our brokers are complete professionals and are welcome do business their own way without office mandates or monthly charges of any kind.

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